Redefining teamwork in microsurgery

What if...

  • freely selectable working position and relaxed posture during the surgical procedure could be your new normal?


  • you and your assisting surgeon could both sit or stand straight?


  • you both could view anatomical structures with the realistic depth perception of modern 3D visualisation right in front of your eyes?


  • your assisting surgeon had the same anatomical structure always in view, but from their own natural perspective?


  • you could adjust all the important functions of the microscope hands-free?


DualView optimises procedures involving multiple surgeons. Two operating surgeons can simultaneously benefit from the advantages of working with RoboticScope®. Hands-free adjustment, enhanced ergonomics, and high-quality 3D view of the surgical area!

Using the Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) both surgeons have the surgical field right in front of their eyes. They can both choose an ergonomic working position and keep an undistracted focus on the surgical area. The surgeon and the assistant can work either side by side or facing each other. The operating surgeons do not have to adjust their working position to the surgical microscope or to the big screens in the OR room.

As a bonus, the leading surgeon can control all important functions of the surgical visualisation system hands-free with the intuitive user interface of the Head-Mounted Display. Due to digital image processing the assisting surgeon also receives the same high quality of image as the leading surgeon. DualView takes the surgical teamwork to the next level!

Hands-Free control over the microscope

The leading surgeon is in control over the RoboticScope®. All important functions and movements of the device can be activated with the Lead HMD – just with the lightest of head gestures.
The intuitive user interface is developed to ensure an easy usage and control over the RoboticScope®. The hands may remain on the operating field and the instruments do not have to be put aside.

Anatomical structures in 3D right in front of your eyes

With the Assist HMD also the assisting surgeons can now choose an ergonomic working position and enjoy the same high-quality 3D view of the surgical area as the surgeon with the Lead HMD. As an additional benefit, the assisting surgeon observes the surgical field from their own natural perspective. To always be aware of the next steps, the user interface of the Lead HMD is also displayed at the Assist HMD. Ideal for teamwork as well as for training purposes!

Both surgeons benefit from…

  • ergonomic, freely selectable & flexible working position.

  • viewing the operational field from their own natural perspectives.

  • high-quality 3D view of the surgical area.

  • ideal conditions for teamwork and training reasons.


A new era of microsurgery.
That is RoboticScope®.

Stay Tuned!

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