Live from Innsbruck & the Michigan EAR Institute

ENT Demo Surgeries introducing ArcView

We recently launched ArcView, our latest customized feature for RoboticScope®, which we presented in two ENT demo surgeries. In cooperation with renowned Otologists/Neurotologists, we were able to demonstrate the benefits of our new add-on feature in the best possible way.

The first demo surgery was performed live from our headquarters in Innsbruck. Prof. Dr. Christopher Bohr, director of ENT at the University Hospital Regensburg and one of the early adopters of RoboticScope®, carried out a cochlear implantation on an artificial temporal bone in front of a live audience.


One week later, we went live from the Michigan EAR Institute, Temporal Bone Lab with the esteemed Otologists/Neurotologists Dennis I. Bojrab M.D. (CEO, Michigan EAR Institute) and Seilesh C. Babu M.D. (President/Partner, Michigan EAR Institute).
They demonstrated the possibility of various applications and advantages of working with the RoboticScope® on a temporal bone of a cadaver head. In addition, a recording of a recent real-life tympanoplasty performed by Seilesh C. Babu M.D., was shown at the end.

Missed the live streams? You can now rewatch the whole recordings on Youtube here:

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