We are proudly presenting the RoboticScope® DualView-function!


DualView = 2 surgeons + 2 HMDs + 2 perspectives

When developing RoboticScope®, one of our guiding rules was to implement a magnified visualization experience, which would get as close to a natural viewing experience as possible. This is why we created a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) for presenting a live 3D image of the operational field and enabling hands-free adjustment of the microscope unit.


This means, the surgeon is not bound to a fixed microscope unit, can sit relaxed, and stay focused.


After positive feedback from various surgeons and their wish for a 2nd HMD, the idea of developing an assistant view/observer view/teaching mode was born: the DualView!


How does DualView work?

1st HMD = Lead HMD
The 1st surgeon benefits from all the functions of the HMD and takes the lead.

2nd HMD = Assist HMD
With the additional HMD the 2nd surgeon takes over the assistant mode, which means that he can view the wound from his perspective and profits from the same benefits as the 1st surgeon just without being able to control the RoboticScope® with the Head-Mounted-Display.



All benefits for both surgeons at one glance:

  • Ergonomic & flexible working position
  • Natural perspective and observation of the operational field
  • Real-time 3D image
  • Surgical field stays always in view
  • Surgical instruments can remain on the surgical area
  • Ideal for teamwork and training reasons



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