Tyrolian Innovation Barometer 2020

The survey results of the Tyrolian Innovation barometer 2020 were presented yesterday in Tyrolian Chamber of Commerce press conference at the WIFI Campus in Innsbruck. We at BHS Technologies were privileged to present our product RoboticScope® and above all our company, as an example of a successful Tyrolian start-up business.


Around 200 companies took part into the online survey, which consisted of 12 questions about innovations and about the possible challenges met on the way. Innovations are the gas for the economy and necessity for especially tech-companies to keep answering the developing customer needs.

For companies, innovation is important in order to keep pace with changing customer needs and increase their customer orientation. Innovation management is not a normal project management. From the development of ideas to successful innovation, there are numerous obstacles to overcome“

Christoph Walser ,WK-President

This is the reason why supporting innovation business is very important for the economic growth.


Role of the WK Tyrol in supporting innovation businesses lies in the “ground preparation” for the people who are willing to start something new, go their own ways – the new ways. The ground preparation means creating an ecosystem that supports innovations.

Photo by BHS Technologies

As a society, we must support young people and all those who think differently and motivate them to go their own way. We must support them regarding the legal framework to be able to go their way. And we must support them with the best possible ecosystem in Tyrol so that their ideas can grow, prosper and thrive in this ecosystem“

Mario Eckmaier, Digitalisation representative of WK Tyrol

BHS Technologies was founded in 2017 and now reached the size of around 40 employees. BHS aims to achieve sustainable growth in the market and to expand its technology significantly, as 2020 marks the start of a new era in minimally invasive microsurgery.

Read the full German speaking article of the results

photo: BHS technologies

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