Digitalize Existing Microscopes


The Upgrade Kit for Analog Atereo Microscopes

Want to have better ergonomics and to digitalize existing microscopes?
With the ErgoKit, BHS Technologies provides the solution.


At BHS Technologies, we view things differently. So, we developed a widely compatible kit, that is installed onto traditional analog stereo microscopes to make traditional eyepieces redundant. Using our patented Head-Mounted (HMD) makes long hours of being bent over a microscope a thing of the past. Instead, the users are free to choose their most ergonomic posture to get the job comfortably done.


The time, when a microscope lacks digitalization and dictates a static, nonergonomic posture onto the user is over. With the ErgoKit the future arrived.

Upgrade analog stereo microscopes to bring them to the digital era

Use the fully digital system e.g.:

  • to alter the picture to see flaws or scratches easily.
  • snap pictures for documentation.
  • show Go/No-Go pictures
  • Connect auxiliary video input to combine separate workplaces.


Standard analog stereo microscopes can be easily converted (within minutes), using a set of modular cameras and our proven Head-Mounted Display (HMD). All are powered by a computing unit. The ErgoKit delivers a high-quality 3D image, that matches human discernible visual acuity, all in real-time.


That is the solution to detach the users from the device, providing them with complete freedom in posture.

The kit for your benefits

  • Work free in posture with enhanced ergonomics. Think of potentially avoided physical problems and hence, relaxed users.

  • Empower analog microscope workplaces with new digital features.

  • Wide compatibility, easy to install or to switch from workplace to workplace.

  • One system for all employees, no matter their armlength or size.

Enhanced Ergonomics. Digital. Compatible.

Head-Mounted Display (HMD)

Proven in operating rooms around the world, now brought to industrial applications.

The HMD, THE tool to provide freedom in choosing the best working posture that fits the users’ individual needs. Our patented, well balanced visualization system, that carries two 4:3 displays bringing a live 3D image, right where it is needed - to the users’ eyes. Stay immersed or use the lifting mechanism to lift or lower the eyepieces. Nevertheless, peripherical view, for orientation, is always granted.


Put on the HMD, sit straight, relax your shoulders – and experience how comfortable working with a microscope can be.

About the ErgoKit

Plug and play is key.

Installed in minutes and fits onto a wide range of analog stereo microscopes. It suits eyepiece tubes from 23.2 mm and up, including adjustable parfocality. Use the touchscreen, for image display and setup purposes, or attach a secondary image source. Upcoming: altering the image for advantages in quality assurance, snapping of pictures e.g. for documentation, or the direct integration of OK/NOK pictures will be realized.

Curious? Test it yourself!

Call us or book a demo. We are happy to show you the advantages of the ErgoKit live.

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