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BHS Technologies revolutionising the world of microsurgery

BHS was founded in 2017 in Innsbruck, Austria, with a vision to revolutionise microsurgery with products that adapt to the surgeon – not the other way round In three years, we have made our way to the medical device market in several European countries and this is just the beginning.

We started with the simple idea, that things could be done differently. Better. Like never before - and this is still our guiding principle.

We want to create products, that suit our customers. Medical devices, that have been optimised for what they have been created for. We approach things differently and we choose new ways, new possibilities in everything we do.

What we always keep in mind, is that we make products that adapt to the surgeon – not the other way round.

We work on developing products that are accessible and affordable whilst still maintaining our core values of working sustainably and creating permanent value. We consider sustainability in everything that we do. In every part of the supply chain, we - like always, search for new ways.

The world of microsurgery needs something novel, something ground-breaking. And that is why BHS Technologies was founded in the first place. Sometimes, a change of perspective is enough to see things in a new way.

Award winning and certified

Already before entering the market in May 2020, BHS Technologies was awarded with numerous innovation prizes for the development of RoboticScope®. These prizes, but especially the feedback from our customers are driving us forward and guide our way towards even more outstanding innovations.


Our first product, RoboticScope® was CE-certified as a Class I medical product in March 2020 and is therefore approved for use in surgical procedures in the European Union.


As a company we are Quality Austria/IQNet certified for research, development, manufacturing, sales, consulting and inspection of medical devices and maintain a quality management system according to EN ISO 13485:2016 standard.

38 years of experience

Our founders collected before founding the company

BHS Technologies was founded by three creative minds: Gregor Burger (B), Markus Hütter (H), and Michael Santek (S) with a humble idea of changing the perspective in microsurgery.

Michael Santek


Our Chief Executive Officer, Michael Santek, is the main responsible of the overall success of BHS Technologies. He is the man leading the development and execution of our long-term strategies. He ensures the decisions made are in line with our strategy and vision. Michael leads the company with his determined and ambitious example, and always keeps the goal in mind - being this in the business negotiations or on the road with his bicycle. Michael has an ability to bring structure to every chaos and additionally is known for lighting up everyone’s day with his bright smile!

Gregor Burger


The mastermind behind the software steering of the RoboticScope®. His responsibility is to ensure, that the software development and architecture support the vision of BHS Technologies. Gregor holds a PhD in civil engineering from the University of Innsbruck. During his dissertation he has published numerous articles with a focus on parallel computing. Together with his team he is in charge of creating safe, and user-friendly software solutions, that can be quickly adapted, if necessary. Beside his role as a CSO, Gregor also has a very important role as a CCO (Chief Coffee Officer) in team BHS. If you still do not know how to prepare a proper Italian espresso, take a crash course at our office in Innsbruck.

400 surgeons

tested and tried the new RoboticScope® since 2017

50 employees

In three years, the company has expanded from 4 employees at the beginning to almost 50 employees today

Hospitals in over 20 countries

are already part of the microsurgical revolution and there are more to come

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