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BHS Technologies

In 2017, BHS was founded in Innsbruck, Austria, with the goal of changing perspectives to see things differently. We continuously engage in dialogue with the users of our products to learn directly what the needs are and where improvements are needed.

BHS Technologies is committed to developing and offering products that help microsurgeons and users of microscopes work in more ergonomic postures. We always strive to find solutions for the best product possible. Once we have found a solution, we do not rest on it. After all, technology is always evolving and so are we – always developing and optimizing our products. This is the only way we can offer our customers the latest standards.

At BHS Technologies, it is our mission to develop new and innovative medical devices that provide significant improvements and new opportunities for users.

We strive for continuous self-improvement and to treat the environment and all people with respect, integrity, and honesty. We consider compliance as one of our most important business ethics.

The Values that Guide us

  • At BHS Technologies, we never take anything for granted. That’s why we are agile, always listening and hearing out our customers’ needs and concerns.

  • We value speed and progress, continuously improving our products through fast decisions and product iterations that bring the latest technologies to the market.

  • A forward-thinking mentality is deeply rooted in our company culture. We strive to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

  • Transparency, directness, and personal attention are our core values. We are always here for you at BHS – when you reach out to us, the appropriate person will be directly at your disposal. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

Our patent portfolio includes 11 patent families with over 50 published patents. These patents cover a wide range of technologies, and we are constantly striving to innovate and develop new ideas.


We have also been granted several user interface design patents that protect the unique and intuitive design of our products. These patents help ensure that our products are not only intuitive and functional, but also visually appealing and easy to use.

Quality & Compliance

All our medical devices are developed in accordance with the requirements of the European Medical Devices Regulation and its associated rules and standards. The RoboticScope is a CE-marked Class 1 medical device according to this regulation and is registered in the EUDAMED database and also FDA listed.


We are continuously developing and aligning our quality management system in accordance with the evolving regulations and requirements, based on EN ISO 13485:2016 and related standards to drive business excellence and set new benchmarks for quality management in the medical devices industry.

Award-Winning Company

Even before its official launch in May 2020, BHS Technologies was recognised with several innovation awards for the development of our ground-breaking product, RoboticScope.

BHS Technologies Leadership Team

Michael Schmid-Santek

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Schmid-Santek is one of the founders and the CEO at BHS Technologies. The entire company benefits from his more than 18 years of experience in medical technology. As a developer of middle ear implants for many years, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge about surgical procedures. He is responsible for developing, implementing, and ensuring our long-term strategies are in place and that all decisions are in line with our vision and values.


When he’s not busy at work, he’s sure to be found on his road bike, hiking, splitboarding on the mountain or at home in the kitchen cooking a multi-course meal.

Gregor Burger

Co-Founder & CTO Software

Gregor Burger is a co-founder and the CTO Software at BHS Technologies. Gregor holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Innsbruck and has published numerous articles on parallel computing during his dissertation work. He is responsible for driving the development and architecture of the RoboticScope software and keeping it at the cutting edge at all times. Together with his team, Gregor is responsible for creating user-friendly software solutions and ensuring the high-quality image that is delivered from the RoboticScope to the Head-Mounted-Display. Their work ensures that surgeons have the most accurate and detailed view possible to perform precise and efficient microsurgeries.


In his free time, Gregor enjoys spending time with his daughter Paula, mountain biking and downhill biking (also with Paula), trampolining, swimming, and snowboarding.

Mark Capelli

Co-Founder & CTO Hardware

Mark Capelli is a co-founder and the CTO Hardware. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics and a master’s degree in industrial engineering. With previous professional experience as a machinist and mechatronics developer, Mark is responsible for managing hardware development at BHS. Additionally, he is also involved in the development of optomechanics and the HMD.


Outside of work, Mark enjoys downhill biking, skiing, and embarking on road trips to explore different parts of the world. He also has a passion for playing the piano in his free time.

Team Know-How that Helps us Succeed

The BHS Technologies team is a highly skilled and diverse group of experts with years of experience in medical devices development. Their core competencies include everything from hardware and software development to quality management, regulatory affairs, and clinical applications. The team has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products that meet the strictest standards in the medical devices industry, including medical device Class III.


The BHS team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture complex products, including optics, mechanics, and clean room assemblies. Moreover, the team is experienced in international sales and distributor handling, allowing BHS Technologies to reach customers across the globe. The team’s dedication to quality and regulatory compliance, as well as their expertise in clinical applications, makes each member an invaluable asset to the success of the company.

Where the RoboticScope is already Available

The microsurgical revolution is already underway in hospitals across over 20 countries, with more joining the movement every day.

RoboticScope – A True Digital Surgical Microscope

The RoboticScope combines the concept of a traditional microscope with the advantages of a completely new digital system. We detach surgeons from the microscope with the RoboticScope and our Head-Mounted Display (HMD). This releases them from the constraints of a typical microscope and gives back total freedom in posture, position, and perspective to the surgeons.

The new and innovative solution for surgical visualization with our robotic microscope: RoboticScope

”The essential innovation of the technology is that it is possible to navigate intuitively and quickly without using the hands, thus making fine microsurgical procedures more flexible, faster, and safer.

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Kueckelhaus, Hornheide Plastic surgery clinic, Germany

Join our BHS Crew

At BHS Technologies, you’ll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge products and services that make a real difference in the lives of healthcare professionals. Explore our career opportunities now and join us in creating a better future.

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