2nd International BHS Technologies Distributor Meeting

Snowy Innsbruck hosted the 2nd International BHS Technologies Distributor Meeting from November 30th to December 1st. In the middle of the famous Bergisel ski jump, BHS distributors met for updates, collaboration, recognition and, of course, fun around the meeting. 


The meeting served as a platform for BHS Technologies to provide important updates on company and product developments and to present new products. But the event was more than just a business meeting. It encouraged a sense of community among the distributors and gave us all the opportunity to share insights and learn from each other. 


We took the opportunity to present the 2024 product innovations and set the course for the future. This gave our partners valuable insights into the technological advances that will be coming in 2024. 

Distributor of the Year Award 2023

Every year, this is also the occasion to honor outstanding achievements. For the second year in a row, the Distributor of the Year Award 2023 went to Medical Innovation Solutions. This prestigious accolade acknowledged MIS's exceptional performance, dedication, and contributions to the success of BHS Technologies. 

Newcomer of the Year Award 2023

Brennan was honored with the Newcomer of the Year Award for 2023. This award highlights Brennan's rapid integration into the BHS Technologies family and her promising development in the sales network.  


Their tireless efforts as our distributor partner were further illustrated by the daunting challenges, they faced during their journey to the distributor meeting. Despite a nearly 24-hour delay in arriving in Innsbruck due to adverse weather conditions, Brennan's refusal to give up showed not only their dedication to the success of the RoboticScope, but also their unwavering commitment to BHS Technologies. 

Networking and Knowledge Exchange

The meeting facilitated valuable networking opportunities, allowing distributors to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones. The exchange of ideas and experiences between distributors and the BHS Technologies Team creates a collaborative atmosphere, promoting a culture of shared success. 

Rounded Off with Elegance

The 2nd International BHS Technologies Distributor Meeting was more than just a business event; it was a sign of the power of collaboration and shared success. We are already looking forward to 2024 together and more great partnerships.