World's First Robotic-Assisted Penoid Surgery for Transgender Patients

Fachklinik Hornheide has joyfully announced a groundbreaking advancement in transgender healthcare: the successful completion of the world's first robotic-assisted penoid surgery for transgender patients. Under the expert leadership of Dr. Sascha Wellenbrock, Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at Fachklinik Hornheide and Head of Surgical Treatments for Transgender Identity at the Center for Transgender Health, this milestone signifies a new era of surgical innovation and patient care. 


The penoid surgery involves creating a penis-like structure that mirrors the form and function of a biological penis. In this pioneering procedure, Dr. Wellenbrock utilized the Symani Surgical System from Medical Microinstruments Inc. (MMI) in conjunction with our RoboticScope. The integration of state-of-the-art robotic technology enabled unparalleled precision and fine-tuning throughout the surgery. 


The journey to this historic achievement began with the groundbreaking work of Prof. Dr. Kückelhaus and Prof. Dr. Hirsch in 2022, when they first utilized both systems simultaneously for microsurgical procedures. Their vision and dedication laid the foundation for the revolutionary surgical methods employed in this groundbreaking penoid surgery by Dr. Wellenbrock. 


Dr. Wellenbrock emphasizes the transformative potential of robotic assistance in surgical procedures, particularly in sensitive microsurgical interventions like this one. With robotic support, surgeons can execute movements with exceptional accuracy while minimizing invasiveness. This is especially crucial for delicate nerve connections, ensuring optimal postoperative functionality and patient satisfaction. 


The successful completion of the world's first robotic-assisted penoid surgery at Fachklinik Hornheide signifies a significant advancement in transgender healthcare and demonstrates how the boundaries of medical innovation can be expanded once again. 

Read the press release from Fachklinik Hornheide here.