RoboticScope goes Mexico: CRAON our new Distributor 

At BHS Technologies, innovation takes precedence - and we are proud to announce our latest partnership, heralding an exciting era for surgery in Mexico. We warmly welcome CRAON as our new distributor for the RoboticScope in Mexico! 


Collaborating with CRAON marks a significant step for us at BHS Technologies as we advance our mission to make cutting-edge medical technologies available worldwide. The RoboticScope will now find its way into the hands of talented surgeons in Mexico. 

Visit from CRAON and eight Surgeons from Mexico

To celebrate this partnership and support the introduction of the RoboticScope in Mexico, we had the pleasure of welcoming the CRAON team to Innsbruck. Together with eight renowned surgeons from Mexico, they spent two intensive days with us, getting acquainted with our team and company, and experiencing the benefits of the RoboticScope firsthand. 


The program was packed with exciting activities, including the presentation of BHS Technologies, followed by a company tour and, of course, the showcasing of our star: the RoboticScope. 

The surgeons and the CRAON team had the opportunity, accompanied and supported by our Clinical Application and Sales Team, to familiarize themselves with the handling and best practices of the RoboticScope. 


Additionally, they were able to test the functionalities of the RoboticScope directly on UPSurgeon models and participate in a variety of challenges to demonstrate their skills and dexterity with the RoboticScope. 

A special highlight was the keynote by Dr. Zefferino Rossini, a renowned neurosurgeon from the Humanitas Hospital. His insights and experiences enriched our discussions and provided valuable insights into the future of neurosurgery and the role the RoboticScope can play.

We are thrilled about the possibilities that arise with CRAON as our new partner and look forward to expanding the boundaries of surgical capabilities in Mexico together. 


We would like to thank all visitors for their participation and engagement during these exciting days. This partnership marks a milestone on our journey to advance medical innovations and provide worldwide access to our technology. 

Visitors from CRAON 

  • Jorgeraúl Wong, Founder & CEO CRAON 
  • Genoveva Dávila 
  • Selene Flores 
  • Carolina Barojas 
  • Juan Oliveros Jiménez
  • Angelica Abonce Hernández
  • Julio César  Rodríguez Aguilar


The participating surgeons: 


  • Dr. Mauricio De Jesus Nogueras Rubio 
  • Dr. José Luis Ortega Ochoa 
  • Dr. Luis Miguel Rosales Olivarez 
  • Dr. Daniel Omar García Hernández 
  • Dr. Heriberto Herrera Gómez 
  • Dr. Jorge Arturo Santos Franco 
  • Dr. Karina Toledo Villa 
  • Dr. Pablo David Guerrero Suárez