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BHS Technologies develops cutting-edge medical technology that frees surgeons from fixed postures and perspectives. The RoboticScope, a surgical robotic microscope, merges features of a traditional microscope with all the advantages of a modern digital system. With state-of-the-art robotics technology and an intuitive Head-Mounted Display, the camera system can be guided with head gestures, providing real-time 3D imagery directly to the surgeon’s eyes. This allows for complete ergonomic freedom and a clear view of the surgical field.


At BHS Technologies, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that empower surgeons.



RoboticScope – A True Digital Surgical Microscope


The RoboticScope combines the concept of a traditional microscope with the advantages of a completely new digital system. We detach surgeons from the microscope with the RoboticScope and our Head-Mounted Display (HMD). This releases them from the constraints of a typical microscope and gives back total freedom in posture, position, and perspective to the surgeons.


The new and innovative solution for surgical visualization with our robotic microscope: RoboticScope

Time to Rethink your Visualization

  • 81% of plastic surgeons suffer from musculoskeletal (MSK) symptoms.1

  • 67% of spine surgeons reported that they had sustained a work-related MSK disorder at some point during their career.2

  • 87% of ENT surgeons reported MSK problems and over 60% of them attributed these to ergonomic issues during surgery.3

  • Microscope use of three hours or more per week was associated with cervical and thoracic pain.4

RoboticScope and its Benefits for Surgeons

Enhanced Ergonomics

Our technology detaches surgeons from the microscope. This provides freedom in choosing the best working position that fits their individual ergonomic needs.

Head-Mounted Display

We put the visualization right where surgeons need it: in front of their eyes. With the RoboticScope, the surgical field is always in view, while still allowing them to switch between micro- and macroscopic tasks with ease.

Head Gesture Control

The complete functionality of the RoboticScope can be controlled with easy-to-use and intuitive head gestures.

Ease of Perspectives

Surgeons can switch and choose between perspectives or even work at extreme angles with ease. All the while, surgeons are still completely free in their working posture.

At BHS Technologies, it is our mission to develop new and innovative medical devices that provide significant improvements and new opportunities for users.

We strive for continuous self-improvement and to treat the environment and all people with respect, integrity, and honesty. We consider compliance as one of our most important business ethics.

How a Hospital Benefits from the RoboticScope

Less Downtime

Better ergonomics at the operating table are associated with less physical strain on surgeons. This can prevent back pain-related sick leave for doctors. With the RoboticScope, you have THE tool to bring a new and ergonomic way of operating into the OR.

One Device for Different Departments

The RoboticScope is a multidisciplinary device, predominantly developed for ENT-, plastic- and neurosurgical needs.

Latest Technology & Always Up-To-Date

One major part of the RoboticScope is our specially developed software. With our Software Maintenance package, the device is kept up-to-date with the latest features and developments throughout the whole lifecycle. This ensures the RoboticScope gets better over time.

Optimized Service Procedures

In order to maintain the RoboticScope in the best way possible, a remote analyzis can be performed to simplify and minimise service processes.

It is innovative, it is straightforward, it is precise. And it can be used for all indications that we have in the ENT sector, where we operate microscopically

Prof. Dr. Christopher Bohr, Regensburg University Hospital, Germany

BHS Technologies – We See Things Differently

We follow the principle that medical devices should adapt to the surgeon, and not the other way around. Since our founding in 2017, we approach things differently – always keeping in mind the needs of our customers and the importance of sustainability.

Join our BHS Crew

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