BHS Technologies

Providing the world’s first RoboticScope®

Rethinking microsurgery

We follow the principle that medical devices should adapt to the surgeon, and not the other way around.


Passion for functional and efficient medical technology solutions is pushing us forward in everything that we do. Through combining the latest technology, we want to provide surgeons the best possible working experience during the surgery.


We seek to increase the efficiency of surgical procedures by providing products that are easy to use and let the surgeon concentrate on what is most important – the patient.

New ground-breaking technology in medicine

RoboticScope®, the first medical device of BHS Technologies opens up a whole new way for microsurgical operations.


In contrast to conventional digital surgical microscopes the RoboticScope® enables surgeons to keep their most essential instruments - their hands and their eyes on the surgical field. At the same time, correct ergonomic posture can be adapted during the surgical operation. This is the new era of microsurgical visualisation.


Take a look at our new, ground-breaking full digital 3D microscope.

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