1st Surgical Staff Meeting at BHS Technologies

BHS Technologies is committed to continuously strengthening close collaboration with our partners in hospitals and fostering knowledge exchange. Therefore, we are pleased to provide a review of the 1st BHS Technologies Meeting for OR Assistance and OR Nursing Staff, which took place from March 6th to 8th, 2024, in Innsbruck. 


The three-day event offered informative workshops, networking opportunities, and the chance to gain a deeper understanding of our RoboticScope. It was an inaugural initiative by BHS Technologies to promote an open dialogue and exchange of experiences among professionals who work with our RoboticScope. 


The surgical staff came from various clinics using the RoboticScope, including Fachklinik Hornheide, University Hospital Essen, University Hospital Regensburg, and University Hospital Zurich. Their wealth of expertise significantly contributed to the success of the event, enriching discussions and providing new perspectives on the use of our RoboticScope. 

During an interactive workshop, our guests had the opportunity to share their experiences with the RoboticScope, gain new insights, and learn from each other. However, it wasn't just the surgical staff who benefited from the workshop and exchange. As one of our guiding principles is to listen to our customers to deliver the best possible products, the reports from the OR professionals are invaluable to us. This enables us to provide immediate tips, explain solutions to challenges, and receive valuable inputs to better meet their needs. 

The visitors also enjoyed an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of BHS Technologies. The two days of the meeting were complemented by culinary experiences in Innsbruck and a spectacular trip at the sunny Seegrube overlooking Innsbruck. 

We are extremely grateful for the excellent collaboration and valuable input from all participants. We thank everyone for their participation and look forward to future events that will continue to promote exchange and collaboration.