Gold in category ‘Medical Technologies’

BHS Technologies wins German Innovation Award 2021

Today, 18th of May 2021, the winners of the German Innovation Award 2021 were announced, and we are more than happy to be one of them! The renowned institution “German Design Council” recognises meaningful product innovations, that are visionary, but also increasingly characterised by user-oriented development, thus making our daily life better and easier.

Gold for our RoboticScope®

With our RoboticScope® we have convinced in the field of >Excellence in Business to Business< in the category of ‘Medical Technologies’ and reached the Gold position - the highest award given by the jury for this prize!

The RoboticScope® is based entirely on digital, software-controlled technology. A Head-Mounted Display is used by the surgeon to move the robotic camera head over the surgical field. Unlike conventional surgical microscopes, this allows surgeons to keep their most important tools - their hands and eyes - on the surgical field. At the same time, an ergonomically correct posture can be maintained throughout the operation and the surgical field can be viewed directly in front of the eyes through the Head-Mounted Display.

A revolutionary product that provides more comfort and thus more safety during demanding surgical procedures

Jury of the German Innovation Award

Great feedback from the panel of expert judges

Not only are we very proud to have won this award, but also that we have received such positive feedback from the distinguished and interdisciplinary panel of expert judges: "Whereas in surgical microscopes the eyepieces and lenses are typically rigidly connected with each other, they have now been separated for the first time in the innovative RoboticScope®. This has the decisive advantage that surgeons no longer need to bend over the operation field but can instead work in an ergonomically correct stance for the duration of the operation. A revolutionary product that ensures more convenience and so more safety during demanding surgical operations, simultaneously making a basic principle that has remained practically unchanged for decades look outdated.”


Receiving acknowledgement like this shows us that we are on the right track! It motivates us more and more to keep on going and getting even better in revolutionizing the world of microsurgery.