Tierklinik Perchtoldsdorf Ost & RoboticScope

Worldwide first veterinary clinic using the RoboticScope

The veterinary clinic “Perchtoldsdorf Ost” is the worldwide first veterinary clinic using the RoboticScope and was also the very first customer of BHS Technologies.

The prouder we are that since June 2020, about 30 surgical procedures were performed at the clinic with the RoboticScope and there are more to come as the clinic states in the article: “Neurosurgical interventions have become a daily routine since using the RoboticScope, and the number of microsurgical interventions is also increasing rapidly.”


Working with the help of the RoboticScope is opening up new insights for Mag. Markus Preßl, surgeon at the veterinary clinic, and his team: "The work at the operating table is revolutionary, we use the head-mounted display and a robot camera instead of conventional eyepieces and microscopes.”

How does the veterinary clinic benefit from using the RoboticScope?

The camera is located directly above the surgical field and sends high-resolution 3D images in real time to the Head-Mounted Display. It focuses on anatomical structures and then rotates around them with the help of the robotic arm. This way the doctor is able to see the area from all perspectives. The Head-Mounted Display and the camera are decoupled, which allows the view can be changed by slight movements of the head. The veterinarian always has the surgical area in view without having to put down the tool and adjust the position of the camera.

One more benefit of using the RoboticScope is that the surgeon's live view can be displayed on two monitors. Markus Preßl mentions in the article: "Normally, it is not  possible to have these views of the operational field and therefore all the more exciting for interns and trainees."


Do you want to know more about the inspiring work of the clinic with the RoboticScope?


Read the whole article here: Vetjournal 02/2021 – pages 20-21

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Augmented Reality im OP


Thanks to the “Tierklinik Perchtoldsdorf Ost” for the great work and we are looking forward to continuing working with you. More is yet to come!