For an even more Efficient and Simplified Usage

New Enhanced Features for the RoboticScope

Since the beginning, BHS Technologies offers innovative solutions for surgical procedures. With the release of the new and improved RoboticScope the system has become even more user-friendly and versatile, bringing a host of new features and improvements.


Let's take a closer look at the new features of the RoboticScope!

VideoIn: Have important external information right where it is needed.

With VideoIn external video input can be directly displayed in the HMD.  Thereby the surgeons can see external information without lifting the eyepieces to look at another external screen. With this new feature doctors can streamline processes, because it is no longer necessary to interrupt a procedure, e.g. to gather vital information on an additional screen - often far away from the surgical area. Simply by attaching an external video source via HDMI the user has the video input displayed picture-in-picture in the HMD.

With familiar head gestures, the function can be activated, and the position of the input or the display mode can be controlled - picture in picture or even switching to full screen.  This feature adds an extra level of versatility to the HMD, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

SetupGuide: The Easy Way to Set Up the RoboticScope for any Surgery at hand

The new SetupGuide feature simplifies the setup process for the RoboticScope, making it easier than ever before. The SetupGuide leads the user with a step-by-step click-through guide to set up the RoboticScope for any surgery.

The SetupGuide helps the user to find the best position and configuration for the surgery at hand:

  • working distance
  • height of the surgical field
  • position of Lead and Assist Surgeons
  • position of the RoboticScope
  • viewing angle

With this guide, the setup process is simple and efficient.

UX Improvements: Enhancing User Experience and Control

Because we don´t stop to make things easier, we always strive to improve user experience. Hence, we further enhanced our features and added functionality.

DualView: Autonomous Lifting for the Assist HMD

Within the DualView feature we empowered the Assist HMD to control the eyepieces independently from the Lead HMD.  This enables the assisting surgeon to switch between the micro- or macroscopic view in a self-determined manner, providing greater freedom and control for the user.

New Position for the Lead HMD

With the new Lead HMD position, the user can now work from "behind" the camera head, providing more options for the placement of the RoboticScope.

New Modes for the Manual Movement Tool

To further ease manual control three new functions were added to the Movement Tool: Height, Image, and Orbit. This facilitates the general setup process and allows for fine adjustments of the camera head position, viewing angle, and focus, while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Camera Rotation Enabled in HMD UI

As an extension of the Focus Mode, the user can now additionally rotate the camera along the image axis by looking to the left or right. This allows perfect alignment with the anatomic structure, such as blood vessels for procedures like microvascular anastomosis.

3D-Joystick Adjustments

For ease of use, the 3D-Joystick was finetuned to further separate input for rotational and translational movements. This brings more control over the camera head, while the user is now provided with two movement speeds for fine and large adjustments.

Drape Procedure

After draping the RoboticScope. the user can now freely choose the next position improving usability and flexibility.

MediaTool Improvements

Users can now choose to additionally record the HMD UI, including the surgeon's interaction with it, by activating the recording feature in the Media Library.

Spectator Screen Modes

To externally display the RoboticScope video feed, all common 3D spectator screens are now supported.

Increased HMD Eyepieces Lifting Speed

As part of the RoboticScope's continuous improvements, the lifting speed of the HMD eyepieces has been increased for a more natural and faster switch between micro- and macroscopic views.

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