RoboticScope Debuts at Yale

On January 16, the RoboticScope was introduced at Yale School of Medicine. Their medical technology team extensively tested the device, and gave the green light for use in the operating room. After that also two nurses were trained on the RoboticScope.


The first operation using the RoboticScope was performed by Dr. Haripriya Ayyala, Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. A lymphatic reconstruction in the right axillary area was carried out, where she sewed together the very small lymphatic vessels that had been severed.


Another successful operation with the RoboticScope in January was a bilateral breast reconstruction, performed by Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. When switching to the second breast, the surgical team changed, with Dr. Pomahac passing the lead to Dr. Ayyala, and the assistants switching as well.


Since its successful debut at Yale in January, the RoboticScope is being used by the Plastic Surgery Team at Yale School of Medicine. 


The introduction of the RoboticScope shows again Yale's commitment to providing patients with the best and most innovative medical care.