RoboticScope goes Croatia!

RoboticScope goes Croatia. 


We are happy to announce our first installation of our RoboticScope in Zagreb, Croatia.  


A perfect fit partnership with the very honorable Krešimir Rotim MD, PhD, Professor, dean of the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, head of the department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital Centre “Sestre milosrdnice”, member of the World Academy of Neurological Surgery (WANS), innovation leader and last but not least he is holding the role of Chief Medical Officer of the Croatian Handball - & Croatian Football Federation, was established. 


For us it is an honor to bring the latest technology in microscopy to Croatia, to help Prof. PhD Rotim to push the boundaries for his patients. The hands-on training has started and the integration of the system in the daily surgical routine will soon be accomplished. Our head gesture controlled system, together with our unique head-mounted display will not just bring enhanced ergonomics but also the ease of perspectives for all neurological, orthopedic and aesthetic procedures performed at Poliklinika Rotim. 


Also, a big shout out/thanks to our partner Medical Innovation Solutions who has set it up, is taking over the installation, and will continuously provide high class support and service to the team in Zagreb. 


Incredible, what a good team can achieve!