RoboticScope in the Benelux with our new partner Duomed.

We are pleased to announce an exciting new distribution partnership between BHS Technologies and Duomed, a renowned distributor based in Belgium. This collaboration represents a significant milestone as we join forces to make our RoboticScope available to surgeons in the Benelux.


Duomed, known among others for its expertise in medical device distribution, is an ideal partner for BHS Technologies. With its extensive network of surgeons and hospitals in the Benelux region, Duomed is in a unique position to promote the RoboticScope to surgeons in neurology, ENT and plastic surgery.


To ensure a smooth integration of the RoboticScope into surgical practice, we recently welcomed the Duomed team at our facility in Innsbruck, Austria:


Tom KeymeulenPierre Pottiez, Nicolas Barvais, Frans Joosten, Ive Kumps, An Massa, Femmeke Toepoel


During this visit, an intensive training and education program was conducted, providing the Duomed team with comprehensive knowledge of the RoboticScope's features, functionality and potential applications.


We are very excited about this partnership and the opportunities it will bring to surgeons and healthcare professionals in the Benelux.


It is another important step towards our goal of providing surgeons worldwide with the benefits of the RoboticScope.


For more information about Duomed, click here.