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How does it work?

How RoboticScope® works

4x latest technology newly combined.

Fresh ideas arise when existing elements are newly combined. It is the same with the RoboticScope®. We combined the most modern and powerful technologies from different areas with a new concept and thus developed the world’s first RoboticScope®.

The robotic arm has proven itself in highly complex industrial applications and operates with an accuracy of 0.02 mm.

The 3D camera with its developed optics is especially tailored to the needs of surgeons.

The microdisplays on the head-mounted display offer a resolution that is finer than the human eye can perceive.

The 4:3 image format was specially selected for use in the OR. The image resolution can be better exploited in this format and unimportant marginal areas are omitted.


like never before

Human beings intuitively grasp an object in space by tilting their head and looking at the object from different angles.

The RoboticScope imitates this intuitive perception. The HMD recognizes the head movements of the surgeon and changes the position of the 3D camera accordingly.

In this way, the surgeon only has to move his or her head to always have an optimal view of the operating field – his or her hands are always able to remain on the patient. The surgeon can also explore the operating field naturally, without having to adapt to the microscope.


like never before

The camera focuses on an anatomical structure and the robot arm rotates the camera around this structure. The result? The surgeon can see the focused point sharply from all perspectives and has a complete overview. Since the HMD and the camera are decoupled, the surgeon only has to gently move his or her head. This gives a new meaning to dynamic surgery.

This feature deserves its own name – we call it ‘orbit mode’. Would you like to get an impression? Watch the video.

The flexible adjustment of the working distance between 300 and 600 mm also opens up new perspectives. Of course, this adjustment is also made by head movements.


like never before

A surgical tool must adapt to the surgeon – not vice versa. That is the only way the surgeon can move freely. We achieve this by decoupling the camera and the HMD.

The surgical field is only defined by the camera position – the surgeon’s field of vision is completely independent of his or her posture. It is only when the surgeon actively changes the camera position by moving his or her head that the image in the HMD also changes.


like never before

The RoboticScope supports an efficient workflow.

That’s why the sterile cover can be pulled over quickly and easily by extending the robot arm with the push of a button.

That’s why data management is also simple and efficient: image and video recordings are saved in real-time during the surgery so that the data is available after the operation without any loss of time.

And that’s why the robot has an electric lift that makes it easy to move the device.

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