We revolutionise the World of Microsurgery.

The first

in the world

Enter a new era of digital surgical technologies with RoboticScope®:

No eyepieces and no microscope, but a head-mounted display (HMD) and a robot camera.

With the HMD on the head, the surgeon has 2 digital microdisplays right in front of his eyes. The HMD detects the head movements of the surgeon and controls the robot camera accordingly. The robotic camera is located above the surgical field and transmits high-resolution 3D images to the HMD in real time.

  • HMD and robot camera are decoupled
  • Hands-free control of the robot camera through head movements
  • The surgeon always has the operating field in view, without having to lay down the surgical tool and adjust his posture to the camera..

Sounds like music of the future? With the RoboticScope® it is the present.