World's First RoboticScope Varicocele at Mubadala Health Dubai

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology and surgical procedures, innovation continues to drive progress in the field of urology. One groundbreaking milestone in this journey has been achieved at Mubadala Health Dubai, where Dr. Rozh Jalil, Urologist, and Andrologist, performed the world's first RoboticScope Varicocele.


The Evolution of Varicocele Surgery

Varicocele, a condition characterized by enlarged veins in the scrotum, have long been a problem for patients and urologists. The primary method of treatment is surgery. Over time, the approach to these procedures has evolved to improve effectiveness and minimize potential complications. Among other things, the height of the surgical incision has been altered to improve outcomes and success rates.


These initial advances laid the foundation for further developments in the field. As medical technology advanced, surgical microscopes became the gold standard for Varicocele procedures. These microscopes allowed for improved precision and clarity during the procedure so that the correct veins could be treated without damaging nearby arteries, nerves, and lymphatics. The ultimate goal was to reduce complications and ensure the best possible outcome for patients.


The RoboticScope in Varicocele Surgery

The use of the RoboticScope for Varicocele surgery allows for new advantages and renewed advancement. According to Dr. Rozh, it provides magnification, precision and clarity that is incomparable to conventional microscopes.


Improved Magnification

The RoboticScope provides unprecedented magnification capabilities, allowing surgeons to view the surgical site in intricate detail. This level of magnification enables surgeons to perform the most precise procedures.


Increased Precision

With the RoboticScope, surgeons have a level of control and precision that is crucial in treating the right veins and minimizing the risk of complications.


Clarity Beyond Compare

With the clarity offered by the RoboticScope Surgeons can navigate the delicate structures of the scrotum with confidence, ensuring that arteries, nerves, and lymphatics are protected during the procedure.


Enhanced Ergonomics

In addition to benefiting patients, the RoboticScope also enables a more ergonomic posture throughout the surgery.

The magnification, the precision and clarity is not comparable to conventional microscope. In addition to surgeons’ well-being for a healthier posture during the surgery and their full solo control of the RoboticScope.

Dr. Rozh Jalil, Mubadala Health Dubai

The world's first RoboticScope Varicocele surgery, performed by Dr. Rozh Jalil at Mubadala Health Dubai, represents a tremendous advance in the field of urology.


Our trusted distributor Robotics Surgical Systems played an important role in this groundbreaking achievement. Antoni Sebaali, was there throughout the surgical procedure, allowing Dr. Rozh to make the best and most successful use of the RoboticScope.