Reconstruction of a finger joint

A cutting-edge surgery performed with RoboticScope®

This Monday in Turin, at Regina Margherita Hospital, a pioneering surgical procedure was performed with the help of RoboticScope®. A four-year-old boy was operated after a severe car accident, in which one of his finger joints got irreparably damaged.

A cutting-edge operation, which was carried out by using tools never before used


The advanced surgery was led by Bruno Battiston and assisted by reconstructive microsurgery chief Davide Ciclamini and the head of peripheral nerve surgery, Paolo Titolo. The surgeons first removed a joint of the boys toe and transplanted this -including its bones, tendons and tissues to the damaged finger joint. Due to that, the surgeons were not only able to retrieve the functionality of his hand, but also reported that the finger will keep growing as the boy grows.


On the following short video you see Dr. Davide Ciclamini using RoboticScope® on the reconstruction of the finger joint:

An article published on the website of ANSA - an Italian online news reporting portal describes the operation as “a cutting-edge operation, which was carried out by using tools never before used”. They also mention as a benefit of RoboticScope® the possibility for using an extra COVID-19 shield between the patient and the surgeon.


As the surgeon does not have to stay in direct contact with the microscope and can adjust the microscope settings with their head gestures, it is possible with RoboticScope® to build an extra protection cover between the patient and the surgeon to provide an additional protection for the operating team in case of possible or expected COVID19- infection. Although all the patients are getting tested prior surgery the risk of a false negative test result can still be present and this method can bring a huge difference especially in times when an unexpected worldwide pandemic is bringing new challenges to the work of healthcare professionals.


This pioneering surgery even got to the news program of Italian television TGR – The regional news program of Italian state owned public broadcasting company Rai (Radiotelevisione Italiana Spa). Watch it here!


We are happy to have received the news, that the four-year-old is recovering well and that this demanding surgery has been successfully performed with the help of RoboticScope®.


We would also like to thank our Italian distribution partner Vega S.p.A  for the excellent co-operation in Italy and for the great companionship and supervision for the Italian hospitals in terms of usage of RoboticScope®!

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