Ended the congress season with a great impact at the DAM 2022

Ended the congress season with a great impact at the DAM 2022. 

At this year's annual meeting of theDAM - German Community for Microsurgery of Peripheral Nerves and Vessels, our RoboticScope was a real star! 

Besides our booth, we had great sessions at our Instructional Course, were part of a Lunch Symposium, and a Keynote. 

Dr. Med. Jennifer Ernst, from Medizinische Hochschule Hanover, hosted our Instructional Course about how the RoboticScope can support TMR – Targeted Muscle Reinnervation, including workshops with hands-on use of the RoboticScope. 

Maximilian Kückelhaus, MD, MBA, from the Clinic Hornheide lead the Lunch Symposium regarding Robotic Microsurgery about use cases with the Symani Surgical System from Medical Microinstruments, Inc and the RoboticScope. In this use case, he symbiotically combined these two fully robotical systems that can support each other while bringing new opportunities to the field of microsurgery. 

Last but not least the RoboticScope, had a great mention in the keynote “Which technical innovations and further developments do we really need until 2040?  An inventory...” from Holger Engel, MD Ph.D. FACS, from ETHIANUM in Heidelberg. Great to hear that we are part of the future. 

The DAM2022 was a huge success, and we can’t wait for next year’s event.