RoboticScope® training in Regensburg

The current pandemic situation was not able to stop the university clinic Regensburg from stepping into the future of robotic visualisation of microsurgery.

Maybe you remember – surgeries employing RoboticScope® were carried out in Regensburg few months ago in the neurological as well as at the ENT department. During those three days various types of surgeries, ranging from brain tumors to otology were carried out. You can watch the testimonial from Prof. Dr. Bohr, director of the ENT department here:

Just before Christmas the ENT department led by Prof. Dr. Christopher Bohr received their first very own RoboticScope®. After the unpacking and installation of the device, we started the RoboticScope® trainings together with the highly motivated team of ENT surgeons and OR staff.

The training consisted of the theoretical part followed by hands-on training of device-preparation for the operational theatre, adjustment of the HMD and the RoboticScope® as well as OR situation simulations with different use cases.


Trainings were successfully completed and during the upcoming week the ENT team of Regensburg will be ready to perform their first operations with RoboticScope® all by themselves!

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