Setting new standards!

Setting new standards!


We are proud to be part of a world’s first, whilst pushing the boundaries of fully robot-supported microsurgeries.


It is impressive how symbiotic two fully robotic systems can support each other, while bringing new opportunities to the field of microsurgery.


Dr. Maximilian Kückelhaus at Univ. Clinic Muenster with his innovative vision, combined the Symani Surgical System from Medical Microinstruments Inc. (MMI) with our RoboticScope and installed this setup as a fix institution in Hornheide.


On the one side you have MMI´s Symani System, which supports the surgeon by scaling and smoothing his hand movements by a great factor for very delicate procedures and on the other hand we can provide full freedom of view on the surgical field with the RoboticScope. Our head gesture controlled system, fully controllable without hands for enhanced ergonomics and the ease of perspectives.


We rate this a perfect fit!